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Testimonials and recommendations

We love fitting carpets and flooring!

'I really couldn't find any fault with the way the carpet has been laid. Very, very impressive and I will remember you next time I need carpet.'
Phillip Hardisty (Islington)

'I would recommend Islington carpet Fitters for any carpet related work.'
Geogina Halliwell (Islington)

'I have used you before and I will use you again. Very good work.'
Nathan Price (Holloway)

'It was a long today but the boys got there in the end and the carpet looks fantastic. We open tomorrow and I know everyone will be impressed.'
Jo Mendes ( Islington)

'I am always ready to provide a testimonial for a great company!'
Barry Kidd (Islington)

'It has been a very good project and I have enjoyed working with you all.'
Kevin Smith (Highbury)

'Excellent carpet selection, went down a treat.'
Peter Johnson (Islington)